We host the best hiking and photography adventures.

Hike & Shoot is based in Northern California and is owned and operated by Glenn Lee Robinson (@glennleerobinson). Hike & Shoot was started through a passion for getting people together to explore, experience, and enjoy the great outdoors. Join us!


  • Guided day trip hiking and photography adventures for all skill levels.
  • The best views in Northern California and beyond.
  • On-site photography lessons and tips.
  • Fun, relaxed vibe with a focus on exploration and adventure.


By far the best opportunity I have had yet to really get out and shoot. It was so awesome to be with a group that not only loves the outdoors, but loves photography as well! There was so much time to capture all the things I wanted and more.
— Hannah Montez, Sacramento, CA
The overall experience was outstanding! I learned a few new things, made some new friends, got to see some really cool spots and will definitely be interested in going to the next Hike & Shoot!
— Tyler Drushell, Roseville, CA
Beautiful places and shots! Captures the feeling and essence of nature!
— Chue Xiong, Yuba City, CA