Finding Clarity in Nature

Often times, one can find out a lot about themselves in a place filled with trees and a running river. No one around, the mind utilizes a different thought process, one of immense clarity. The scenery provides an environment that allows closeness to your thoughts, fears and emotions.

My story is no different. I found clarity in the great outdoors. This narrative involves a girl and taking a chance. Feeling as if it was the time to finally move on, be okay with the past and make peace with it, I went on a hike to finalize that process. Prior to this hike, I had been separated from my longtime girlfriend of over 7 years. It had been almost a year since I had spoken to her and she had moved to Los Angeles for Nursing School. We both moved on the best we could yet there was so much to be said.

Anyways, time had passed and it was getting to that point where I needed to be completely done but I felt there was so much I needed to say before I did. I needed to apologize, share some parts of my life and say one last goodbye. Before I contacted her, I decided to go on a hike. This picture is not one from that day but it is close to the spot where I had that revelation. (Add picture between paragraphs)

On this hike, I had a companion. My cattle dog, Sky, went on this hike with me. I talked to her throughout most of the hike. Repeating things in my head and then to her. The beauty of hiking in desolation is that there was no one around to judge me for talking to a dog (well, besides you judging me now). Being able to freely think allowed many things to make sense. I made sense of the several things that went wrong. Most importantly, I came to terms with my faults and what I contributed to the failed relationship. That last sentence is the most important thing when it comes to conflicts in relationships! I know this now having spent 4 years studying families, relationships and getting my Bachelor’s of Science in Family Studies. Yea, I’m educated and proud. 

Back to hiking and clarity. Sorry about the random tangents. The thing is, being out in nature is a unique experience. Whether being in nature alone or with friends, it is an absolute pleasure. This one experience on a random hike allowed me to gather my thoughts and make one of the most important decisions of my life. I decided to write my ex-girlfriend. The purpose was not to try and get her back but to make amends with the countless things I did wrong and what I’ve learned since then. Turns out, she had a lot to say as well.

Long story short, this happened in January of 2015. We’ve rekindled the flame to something that cannot be put out, so much that I am moving to Los Angeles in about a month to experience life with her. I’m beyond excited to change the scene having been in Sacramento my entire life. Although, I love Sacramento and Northern California I feel like I can make some noise in SoCal for the time being. My entire life changed course and I owe that to being outdoors. I can never repay Mother Nature back. I can only try and experience her raw beauty as much as I can.

Get out. Explore. Find some time to think completely by yourself. Look retrospectively at your life and make some sense of everything, all the way up to the exact moment you are in. It will do you good. It has done me good.

Find clarity in nature. 

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